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6 MONTH Advantage II Flea Control Small Cat (for Cats 5-9 lbs.)


Advantage II Flea Control Medium Cats 5-9 lbs Keep your cat and your home safe from fleas with Advantage II Medium Cats 5-9 pounds. Formulated for cats eight weeks and older and weighing 5 – 9 pounds, Advantage II kills fleas within hours of application and protects against future flea infestations. The Importance of Flea Protection Protecting your cat from fleas is essential for health and well-being. Flea bites not only cause discomfort for your cat, but also can cause irritation that can lead to skin infections. In some cases, flea bites can lead to allergic skin reactions, or even result in the transmission of other disease-causing organisms, such as tapeworms. Flea life cycle. View larger . Kills Fleas Within Hours of Application Millions of pet owners have found success against fleas with Advantage Topical Solution. Its successor, Advantage II, kills even more flea life stages. Advantage II kills fleas through contact, so they don’t even have to bite to be destroyed. This helps reduce the risk of secondary problems, such as flea-allergy dermatitis. The active ingredient in Advantage II, imidacloprid, acts on the nervous system of the flea to cause paralysis and subsequent death. Advantage II destroys the fleas living on your cat within 12 hours of application, providing quick relief for your pet. Reinfesting fleas (newly hatched fleas jumping back on your cat) are killed within two hours of application, so if your pet picks up fleas from another animal or infested environment, those fleas will be killed as well. Advantage II Flea Control Medium Cats 5-9 lbs Kills fleas within hours of application Breaks flea life cycle, protecting against future flea infestations Waterproof formula won’t wash off Easy to apply Includes twelve convenient one-month doses For cats eight weeks and older and weighing 5-9 pounds Per Dose: $9.17 The adult fleas you see are only a small percentage of the infestation. View larger . Protects Against Further Flea Infestations If you are already dealing with a flea infestation, you may only be aware of the adult fleas, which comprise a mere 5 percent of the full infestation. The flea eggs, larvae, and pupae make up the other 95 percent of the infestation and can be virtually invisible to the eye. The insect growth regulator contained in Advantage II effectively breaks the flea life cycle at multiple stages to treat existing infestations and prevent future infestations. Each dose of Advantage II provides protection for an entire month. Waterproof Formula Advantage II is waterproof, so there’s no need to reapply after your cat has a bath or goes out in the rain. Studies show that cats are still protected against fleas after exposure to water, though for best results, cats treated with Advantage II should be bathed with a non-detergent shampoo. This Advantage II product is EPA approved and registered, so it’s guaranteed to be the exact same product sold by your Veterinarian. Click here for more information on EPA-approved pet products. Package Contents Two boxes of six include 0.4-millimeter tubes of Advantage II for Small Cats. Advantage II for Cats Is Available In: Small Kitten (under 5 pounds) Medium Cat (5 – 9 pounds) Large Cat (over 9 pounds) 4 month 4 month 6 month 12 month 4 month 6 month 12 month

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